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Thanks to 2020, Everything changed even how you get your NJ boat license.

Ahoy, Adventurers!

The year 2019 threw us a curveball with a global pandemic, and it sure felt like our traditional boating class venues were sailing into uncharted waters. But you know what they say – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

So, in the spirit of adventure and adaptability, we embarked on a journey of innovation and collaboration. We realized that the world needed alternative solutions for boating education, especially when physical gatherings were harder to come by.

With our commitment to delivering top-notch education, we didn’t just adapt; we took a leap into the digital sea by teaming up with the titans of online Boating Education. This partnership transformed us into a swanky approved exam proctoring provider for your boating exam, making boating education accessible and oh-so-convenient for all you boating enthusiasts out there.

Now, you don’t have to be tied to a classroom. Whether you’re a landlubber or a seasoned sailor, the world of boating knowledge is at your fingertips through our online boating course.

Our mission? To ensure that boating education remains as flexible and adaptable as a ship’s sail in the wind. As we navigate this ever-evolving educational landscape, we’re determined to provide a smooth sailing experience, charting a course toward a future where boating knowledge knows no boundaries. 🚤🌟⚓”

So what should you bring, How much, and How do you register

Setting sail on your boating education journey? We’re thrilled to have you on board for a smooth ride! To make sure your proctoring session goes off without a hitch, we’ve got a few fun reminders:


  1. Arrive in Style: Be fashionably early – aim to show up 15 minutes before your session. It’s like arriving at the harbor before the big regatta!
  2. Bring Your Booty: Don’t forget your treasure! That means the Proctored Exam Fee (unless you’ve already registered on this website) and your trusty Photo ID.
  3. Voorhees Library Adventure: If you’re joining us at the Voorhees Library, keep your eyes peeled for meeting room C or F. It’s where the boating magic happens!


Ready to Dive In? Registering is a Breeze!


Getting on board with us is as easy as a gentle breeze on a sunny day. You can secure your spot through this website or cast us a line via phone or email. Our contact info is conveniently stashed at the bottom of this page, just like hidden treasure!

We can’t wait to set sail on this boating education adventure with you. Get ready for an exciting journey ahead!” ⚓🌟🚤