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NJ Boating Certificate Course

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NJ Boating Safety Classes: Get Certified and Hit the Water

Are you eager to get out on the water? Obtain your New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate, and you can do just that! At NJ Boating Safety Classes, we offer comprehensive courses that allow you to take the class, pass the test, and have your New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate in hand, all in the same day.

Why You Need the Certificate

In New Jersey, you must possess a New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate to legally operate a power vessel, whether it’s a motor boat or Jet Ski/PWC, on the state’s waters. For those planning to navigate non-tidal/fresh waters, an additional boating endorsement on their NJ Driver’s License (commonly known as a New Jersey Boating License) may also be required. The minimum age for students is 13 years old.

NJ State Boating Safety Course


Description: Our course has been meticulously designed to meet New Jersey’s education and testing requirements for individuals seeking a NJ boating safety certificate/license.

Duration: The course typically spans approximately 8 hours.

Successful Completion: Students who successfully complete the course and pass the 60-question test will be issued a temporary boating license, valid until their permanent license is mailed to them by the NJSP.



  • No educational prerequisites are necessary.
  • The minimum age for enrollment is 13 years.


Formats: We offer this course in three different formats:


  1. Public Courses: Usually held at facilities such as fire halls or similar locations, public courses are scheduled monthly throughout NJ.
  2. Private Classes: If you prefer a private setting, we offer courses at your chosen location. Please note that private courses require a minimum of 5 students.
  3. Fundraising Events: Local non-profit organizations can host fundraising courses. The fundraising is achieved through profit splitting and silent auctions.


Cost: The course fee varies depending on location, and payments can be made during the registration process.

Our course is approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators and recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Join NJ Boating Safety Classes to gain the knowledge and certification you need to enjoy safe and responsible boating in New Jersey’s waters. Get ready to embark on your aquatic adventures with confidence!