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Private Boating Lessons NJ

Tailored Excellence on the Waves

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On-the-water Private Training Class Ages 18+

Private Training with Certified NSBC Instructor in New Jersey

Whether you’re a novice power-boater or seeking to enhance your skills in docking and close-quarters maneuvering, this course is tailored for you. Our Boat Control On-Water Training Course Modules are meticulously designed to impart boat handling expertise to recreational boaters and personnel responsible for operating vessels used in marine patrol. Led by a highly qualified NSBC Certified Instructor, this course covers a range of topics, progressing from safety gear and pre-launch checklists to close-quarters docking and refueling. Each maneuver is practiced, advancing from idle speed to displacement mode, and then planning mode.

Enhance your powerboating skills and confidence with our expert-led training.