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Whitman Marine Training & Boat Tours

Ready to Set Sail on an Adventure? Ahoy There!

Ever dreamed of leading a boating class from the front row? Fancy teaching a fresh-faced boater the art of docking like a pro? Perhaps the thrill of delivering a boat or ensuring safety during a high-energy event floats your boat? And for those who excel at computer wizardry or orchestrating the logistics of supplies, we’ve got a spot for you too!

Now, imagine this: all these roles share commonalities but also demand unique skills. It’s like each role is a different sail on the same magnificent ship, contributing to a seamless journey.

The best part? Not all captains and individuals are cut from the same cloth. Some captains can navigate a boat up and down the coast with their eyes closed (well, almost), while others are as cool as cucumbers teaching boating basics to a lively classroom of 30 people.

Here’s the scoop: We’re on the lookout for a talented crew of captains and individuals who can rock one or more of these roles. We’re not your typical ship; we sail a relaxed, fun-loving vessel, and we want you to join our voyage.

If you’re already holding an MMC book and are curious about your next adventure, we may just have the perfect solution for you. Our school is a bustling hub, growing every day, and every day we discover new treasures and challenges.

  • Classroom Instructors: Must possess a current DL Masters MMC and be open to passing a NJ background check.
  • On-the-Water (OTW) Instructors: Require at least a current OUPV MMC and should be ready to undergo additional training to become an “approved instructor” within the first year (with training expenses covered by the school).
  • Safety Boat Captains: Must have at least a current OUPV MMC and be prepared for additional training in safety and rescue boat handling, as well as mark set boat handling.
  • Delivery Captains: Need a Current Masters MMC.
  • Admin Positions: Seek individuals with a current DL who are willing to pass a NJ background check.


Certain tasks may necessitate additional MMC endorsements, such as Towing, Radar, FCC, Sailing, and may involve considerations like tonnages and specific areas of operation.

Are you ready to set sail on this exciting journey with us? Join our spirited crew as we navigate the waters of education and boating expertise. Every day brings new challenges, and we’re ready to meet them head-on. If you’re holding that MMC book and itching for a new adventure, we’re your ticket to fun, adventure, and growth on the high seas of opportunity!