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Set Sail into Adventure

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On-the-water Private Training Class Ages 18+

Embark on Waves of Adventure in Salem NJ

Whether you are new to power-boating or would like to increase your confidence in docking and maneuvering in close quarters, this course is for you. Our On-The-Water Training Courses are designed to teach boat handling skills to recreational boaters or personnel hired to operate a vessel. All of our instructors are USCG licensed captains and NSBC Certified Instructors aboard our 24’ training boat. this course will progress from reviewing safety gear, performing a pre-launch checklist to docking and refueling; each maneuver builds on to the next. This Course is a PUBLIC course. You will be joining other like minded students to learn either of the following modules.

This course focuses on the essentials of close-quarters boat control. It is taught by a USCG licensed captain who is also an NSBC Instructor.