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Philly Delaware River Tour

Sail the Historic Beauty

Quick Details

Private Charter Booking the entire boat for up to 6 passengers
Tour Boat Adult 12 plus
Tour Boat Child Ages 8+

Discover the Heartbeat of Philadelphia’s Waterfront in Delaware River

Embark on a captivating journey departing from our dock in Westville, NJ, as we venture along the picturesque Philadelphia waterfront. Our expedition will take us as far south as the Navy Yard and as far north as Petty Island, showcasing numerous iconic landmarks and the beauty of nature. Get ready for a fantastic time!

You have the option to schedule this cruise to coincide with the sunset, allowing you to witness the breathtaking sunset along Philadelphia’s waterfront.

Included with the Tour

  • Our boats are helmed by a USCG licensed captain.
  • You’ll have 1 boat crew member to assist with boat lines, serve drinks, snacks, and attend to other details.
  • Enjoy a guest-controlled Bluetooth sound system.
  • We provide a cooler stocked with basic iced beverages (water, cola, ginger ale). If you have wine or a snack that needs chilling, please inform the boat crew.
  • Basic paper utensils, cups, plates, and paper towels are available.

*Available Add-Ons:
– Charcuterie Tray
– Magnetic Fishing Kits
– Comfy Boat Kits
– Go-Pro / Polaroid Rental for capturing your memorable moments.